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What’s kept me busy since January? Writing!

Yes, writing.  But obviously, I wasn’t writing here!  OOPS!  I was busy writing and publishing my first book. Ok, so I already had a DVD by the same name, but I updated it and improved it.  First, it came out in e-course/e-book format.  And now, (as of this week) it is available in paperback.  All of the above are on and you can follow the links above, or just head to Amazon (when you’re done here, of course) and search for “How to Paint a Poppy that POPS!”.  That’s will show you all three. At any rate, that kept me busy for two months of writing/editing, cleaning up text and links etc.  Then it was time for the icky stuff (taxes) that had to be done. At any rate, I’m back to working here again, and will hope to post more new work within two weeks or so, so check back when you can.  In the mean time, Start hunting for places to hang new work on your walls, or surprise you’re sweetheart with some beautiful and unique jewelry…that’s coming next.  Jewelry.  Till then, follow us on Facebook to get short notice specials that are not  advertised elsewhere.  And, we’ll see you soon back here.  Be sure to call me if you’re headed to Angel Fire,,,set an appointment to view available works or to take a class…yup, still doing that too! 🙂  Happy Spring!   If you’re still buried in snow, take heart, Spring is just around the corner. At least, I HOPE it is! 🙂



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