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Music From Angel Fire Posters are HERE!

Well, I told you they were coming…and after some major image editing, and hours of upload, they are here.  Music From Angel Fire Festival Posters are here! We have posters from 1984 all the way through 2012, though we don’t have posters from EVERY year just yet.  A major inventory must be done by the organization before I’ll know if some years for which I have no posters are sold out, or if there are more hiding in the storage facilities.  I let you know if I add more though.  In the meantime, you can see in each poster product how many or how few are in stock right now.  And scroll to the bottom of the page for more info such as shipping and how i handle it.

Happily though, you’ll find posters by Amado Pena, Sherrie McGraw,  Albert Handel, Doug West, and a number of other artists of national and international repute.  Plus, posters by Angel Fire’s own Jennifer Cavan and Sylvia Avenius Ford.  The only pre-framed posters I have are by Sylvia.  All the rest are unframed and only a handful are signed.  The rest are not.

So, head to this page1984 Music From Angel Fire Festival Poster  2000 Music From Angel Fire Festival Poster 1986 Music From Angel Fire Festival Poster to see what we have and pay attention to how many we have of each.  If you love one and there is only one in stock, better add it to your cart pronto!  It will likely be summer before I know if there are any more. Unframed and unsigned posters are only $30.  Dimensions listed are all Height and then Width, or how Tall the poster is, first, then how wide.  The posters themselves are more than just the images shown.  They include the Season, the year and other similar pieces of information, as is typical of most any poster.



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