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Old blog, new blog

 Hey. It’s taken awhile, and this is a test. I moved my old blog ( to my new online home here.  I’m testing the RSS feed, to ensure it updates, so please let me know if you get this.  Thanks!  

Just some thoughts about Collecting Art

 I was tossing around thoughts about art collection. I’ve been working with a local customer to bring his collection more to his taste, which included hanging work that had been sitting in a closet, recommending new acquisitions to fit the new “theme”, moving work around the various rooms and doing repairs and re-framing on work […]

Intentions are not enough

 Clearly, intentions are not enough.  Look at the last post, written in January.  Now we are at the end of July, and this is the first time since then that I even opened a Blogger window.  Despite my intention to post every Sunday, I didn’t even manage once a month!  Egad!  Honestly, I’ve been trying […]

What’s kept me busy since January? Writing!

 Yes, writing.  But obviously, I wasn’t writing here!  OOPS!  I was busy writing and publishing my first book. Ok, so I already had a DVD by the same name, but I updated it and improved it.  First, it came out in e-course/e-book format.  And now, (as of this week) it is available in paperback.  All […]


  Angel Fire ArtSpace, 3469 Mountain View Blvd, Suites B2-4 Angel Fire NM

Sunday, October 5 and Reflecting (

 Wow. Can’t believe it’s Sunday already…and already October 5th. I’m shaking my head, can you see it? I lean back, head against the chair. Partly exhausted, partly refreshed. I just laid my brush down. Drying time required. My eyelids are heavy..from lack of sleep and intense activity. The conference was good…part of me regretting that […]

Schefren’s New Launch…48 hours and counting down!

 Be sure to read my post “Rich Schefren (My Mentor) Does It Again!” just below. I’ve gone through the new report three times now and every time it blows me away again. Let’s see, is it Constraint #3? or #4? or#7? Which is stumbling me the most? Or is it all of the above? Good […]

The Printer!

 OOps, forgot to tell you who the printer was….please visit them! Angel Fire ArtSpace, 3469 Mountain View Blvd, Suites B2-4 Angel Fire NM

The Violin…again

 It was here, but for a moment. People came in just to see the violins. People in the gallery took pause in front of them, asking questions, when will they be auctioned? How will that work?Then yesterday they came and took them. For where, I don’t know. I hope they’ll be on display somewhere. The […]

Dreary Day, Painting Bliss

 The gray skies are reaching nearly to the ground and the slightly heavier than mist is drenching the valley. The Gallery is quiet save for the xm radio playing and the sound of the keyboard click click clicking. I’m waiting for my newest painting in process to dry so that I can proceed. It’s watercolor […]