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Tech Savy and Art: An awkward combination?

 So, after a year or so, okay, emphasis on the “so”, I moved my old blogspot blog to this site, en toto.  I did the first steps all by my not so big self, though it did require an hour and some minor cursing from my tech guru husband.  At any rate, it’s done! Wahoos […]

Getting Ready for ArtsFest

 I’ve been working hard to replace some of the paintings that I sold (unexpectedly) on Facebook. Tough to decide whether to show them in advance or not, but here’s what I’ve decided to do (with help from hubby, John). I’ll put them up here and on Facebook, for you to see, but they will not […]

Better Now…Yay

 I’ve often told other artists at shows that “one customer, and 5 minutes, can change the outcome of this”. And so it was today. I was literally packing up, loading things into the back of the truck, when another car pulled in. I glanced up, and smiled, seeing one of my clients walking around the […]

Pondering the "Zone"

 Did you ever say “I can’t draw a straight line”? Or, perhaps, “I don’t have an artistic bone in my body”? I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard that in my gallery. Usually, I say, “If we were all artists, then who would collect our work?” The truth is, at one level or […]

going, going. and she’s out’a here!

 Oh,WOW! I simply can’t wrap my right-sided brain around it! I’m headed for the conference and opportunity of the decade (at least). I’m headed to sunny Florida to the back to back conference with Rich Schefren and others. I’m headed to LIVE! conference the end of this month. My mind is boggling at the fabulous […]