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Tech Savy and Art: An awkward combination?

 So, after a year or so, okay, emphasis on the “so”, I moved my old blogspot blog to this site, en toto.  I did the first steps all by my not so big self, though it did require an hour and some minor cursing from my tech guru husband.  At any rate, it’s done! Wahoos […]

learning web 2.0

 It’s been an uphill learning curve. Being quiet on all things personal while standing willingly on stage for all things art, this web 2.0 thing has had me flummoxed. “Is it safe?” I asked myself. I guess, at the ripe old age (that I am now) I’m more concerned with learning, growing and finding out […]

Painting the Violin

 Well, I didn’t think it would be this hard. When I was originally approached by Judie Hass, who was working (volunteering) for Music from Angel Fire, and asked to paint a violin (on it..not of it) for their 25th Anniversary Season, I was delighted. I thought “Cool, honored to be asked,” and indeed I am. […]

More on Drawing

 So, did you watch the video? Did you draw the poppy? Did you know you can actually get that reference photo at my website? Simply click here to download the reference photo so you can learn to draw that poppy. Here’s the secret: You can duplicate this method to accurately draw anything you want. You […]

The sun is shining!

 Here I am on Sunday morning. The sun is shining brightly and the temperature is rising. You have to dash under the portal of the building because the accumulated snow from the last storm is sliding off and there’s steady drip of water pouring down as well. The sides of the highway and running like […]

Introducing Danny Stewart’s Jewelry

 I told you, I’m having crazy fun with this! Here is #2: So, yes, I fully intend to do this for each of the artists in my gallery. And keep in mind, that is something that changes regularly, so this could go for a long time. This week, as an example, one artist left, and […]

Pondering the "Zone"

 Did you ever say “I can’t draw a straight line”? Or, perhaps, “I don’t have an artistic bone in my body”? I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard that in my gallery. Usually, I say, “If we were all artists, then who would collect our work?” The truth is, at one level or […]