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Tech Savy and Art: An awkward combination?

 So, after a year or so, okay, emphasis on the “so”, I moved my old blogspot blog to this site, en toto.  I did the first steps all by my not so big self, though it did require an hour and some minor cursing from my tech guru husband.  At any rate, it’s done! Wahoos […]

Must be Fall

 The leaves have just begun to turn. I don’t know how long they’ll last or if they will all turn before they fall, thanks to the early snow we had. For sure the nights are cold enough to turn them all, but we’ll see soon enough. I know it’s fall even without color on the […]

Great way to start the Day!

 Wow! Driving to the gallery today I got a great surprise! I mean, I knew it was coming, but didn’t know it was here. So there I am driving along and Wowza! My eyes are caught by the sight of a new and bold billboard! MY billboard! Take a look:I hope its as bold to […]

Been a busy bee this morning!

 Rising out of the funk I seem to have been in. Not sure what put me there, but I’m done with that now that I see it. Yesterday was cathartic. I did the laundry, mowed the lawn, pulled the weeds, watered, and trimmed the dead branches from the rose bushes and potentias. I think the […]

Looking up & Forward

 Ever have one of those days when everything seems to be against you? The wind blows the car door shut on your leg. You trip over your shadow and the mail you just collected from 5 different boxes goes flying. Once safely esconsed at your desk, you find that the latest blue screen crash made […]

Hello Everyone!

 Well, I’ve gone and done it! Perhaps a late bloomer but here goes with the blogging thing. As I type this first post it is snowing like mad…mostly horizontally from all the accompanying wind. April 13th and ooohh for spring time to really arrive! The gallery is quiet, the streets bare sans the blowing snow […]