Sunday Afternoon

 It’s Sunday afternoon and the wind has turned a perfectly beautiful day to driving one indoors. Wind, not breeze, chills the air and runs it straight through you. I’m off today (yes, the gallery is open, 1-4 on Sundays) and preparing to go to my studio. Before I do, I wanted to remind you (or […]

Everything Art and Angel Fire: Bright Sunshine

 Everything Art and Angel Fire: Bright Sunshine Angel Fire ArtSpace, 3469 Mountain View Blvd, Suites B2-4 Angel Fire NM

Bright Sunshine

 Wow, what a difference 12 hours can make! Though it was a frigid start (19 at my house) the wonderful New Mexico sunshine is warming the air and melting the snow. I’m back at the gallery and preparing for a class this afternoon…”Pouring Watercolor and Innovative Masking”. Should be fun, albeit a tad messy. If […]

Hello Everyone!

 Well, I’ve gone and done it! Perhaps a late bloomer but here goes with the blogging thing. As I type this first post it is snowing like mad…mostly horizontally from all the accompanying wind. April 13th and ooohh for spring time to really arrive! The gallery is quiet, the streets bare sans the blowing snow […]