Custom Pet Portraits Preserve Precious Memories

 I have been doing pet portraits for about 30 years.  Like most things, it started with my pets.  Then when family members saw what I had done, they wanted portraits of their pets.  My Dad’s cats.  My sister’s dog.  And it spread from there.  I’ve lost count of how many I have done, but I […]

New Ideas for Gift Giving

 Yes, I know.  I’m not the most prolific poster.  While I’ve said it before, I am trying to be more diligent on that score.  For this holiday coming, I’ve set up a page of smaller, less expensive works that fit well in the gift giving genre.  In addition, I’m working on more!  One of my […]

Believe it or not, I’m still here!

 This is Katherine (yes, really!) with some updates. I know it has been a looooong time since I’ve written, and I hope you are still interested in me and my art! I’ve been busy with new pieces, work on the house and yard, and getting ready for winter. It’s been a lot of work, but […]

At a Crossroads

 Standing at a crossroads.  It’s not unlike writers block except that I’m hoping I can ask you to help me decide which path to take.  My goal is to take my work forward, kick it up a notch or ten, reach higher, so to speak.  My challenge is that I am not sure which road […]

New Work Added

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Tech Savy and Art: An awkward combination?

 So, after a year or so, okay, emphasis on the “so”, I moved my old blogspot blog to this site, en toto.  I did the first steps all by my not so big self, though it did require an hour and some minor cursing from my tech guru husband.  At any rate, it’s done! Wahoos […]

Old blog, new blog

 Hey. It’s taken awhile, and this is a test. I moved my old blog ( to my new online home here.  I’m testing the RSS feed, to ensure it updates, so please let me know if you get this.  Thanks!  

Just some thoughts about Collecting Art

 I was tossing around thoughts about art collection. I’ve been working with a local customer to bring his collection more to his taste, which included hanging work that had been sitting in a closet, recommending new acquisitions to fit the new “theme”, moving work around the various rooms and doing repairs and re-framing on work […]

A Gallery Owner’s Guide to Framing: Why it’s framed…or Why not?

 I wrote this for my newsletter and it got alot of attention…so it is for you: (PS, wrote this a few years ago, but i guess i never hit “publish” because it was still in my drafts…oops) We’ve all been there. We find a great little piece and think “I love it, but I don’t […]

Intentions are not enough

 Clearly, intentions are not enough.  Look at the last post, written in January.  Now we are at the end of July, and this is the first time since then that I even opened a Blogger window.  Despite my intention to post every Sunday, I didn’t even manage once a month!  Egad!  Honestly, I’ve been trying […]