Art TV!

Welcome to the Art TV! page!  I’ll be posting videos and technique instruction.  I’ll add more all the time.

I can’t count the times someone said to me, “I can’t even draw a stick figure!”  Trust me, you can. YOu just don’t know how. There’s nothing more exciting to me than when a student says, “WOW! I actually DID IT!’  When a student brings me work to evaluate and I see growth and development it puts a smile on my face!

We are made creative.  It’s in you, but perhaps you haven’t found it.  Maybe you find your creative genius in music, or dance.  Don’t think you can “do it all”!  You may always excel at one more than another, but the satisfaction of releasing that timeless flow is immense.

So… join me and explore all the ways to find your creative spark here.

First up, below is a video of my (Trademark Pending) drawing method. This I have called The Shape Memory Method.  It uses “muscle memory” to draw all outside lines first, then prominent inside lines. From there you can paint, color or proceed to fill in shadow and light with a pencil and a kneaded eraser. This clip is taken from my DVD titled “How to Paint a Poppy that Pops!” Check it out: