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At a Crossroads

Standing at a crossroads.  It’s not unlike writers block except that I’m hoping I can ask you to help me decide which path to take.  My goal is to take my work forward, kick it up a notch or ten, reach higher, so to speak.  My challenge is that I am not sure which road to take.  I work in multiple media and differing styles.  Really just two styles, but radically different.  What I’ve sold over the years is predominantly what I call “interpreted realism”. In other words, there is no doubt what you’re looking at, but it is exaggerated in some way, such as in value contrasts, color, intensity and boldness.  On the other hand is the highly realistic work, which I tend to do in pastel or watercolor.  Some samples are below.  I’d love to know what you think.  Pursue more detailed realism or focus on how I interpret realism.  The first four are more traditional realism, the last four are more interpreted realism, but you can see, there is a difference.  It’s not that I would never do one or the other again, but that I want to focus on  developing one style or the other. I’d love your feedback, and thank you.


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