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We’re here and growing daily! :)

 You may have stopped by and seen the “This site is under construction” sign.  Well, it is, but it is finally “presentable” and that said, a great big “THANK YOU” is due my sweet husband.  I’m an artist.  I know how I wanted it to look and function but how on earth to get there […]

Free shipping on orders over $500!

 Love a painting or jewelry you found on this site?  We want to make it easy for you to point, click and buy, and for a limited time, any order over $500 will ship free in the contiguous United States. That means we’ll carefully package it, ship it and insure it, all on us!  So […]

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   Buying Art from an online Gallery can be challenging, we know.  The colors on your screen will be close but perhaps not exactly as the painting is.  If that causes you concern, contact us and request a printed image.  We’ll print with the colors correct and mail it to you free, postage included.  Most […]