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Pondering the "Markers" in My Life

 I’m not entirely sure why, but I have found myself pondering some of the more memorable “markers” in my life, that led to some kind of change. While there were some big ones that occurred in my late teens and early twenties, it is the more recent experiences that have been running through my mind, […]


 So, I thought, “I’ll try to post every Sunday”  Also thinking “or most Sundays”. So, it is Sunday, and I saw something today that struck my attention.  First, some background.  I’ve seen recently, on TV a commercial (Volkswagon, it think), that starts with a  boy looking at a bicycle and saying, “is it fast?” and […]

A New Year..A new effort to Post!

 The New Year crept in and before I blinked here it is the start of the second week!  Wowzers! Although I hear lots of naysayers regarding the coming of 2012, I find myself focused like a laser beam on growth.  Growth for the Gallery, growth for me on every level: Mind, Body, Spirit, Relationships and […]