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Ready or Not, Here Comes Fall!

What a blur the summer was.  Didn’t it just start last week?  That is how it seems to me, after running through July, August virtually vanished (though I did have a fabulous 50th birthday) and here we are now in September.  Unbelievable! Yesterday was the MVAC’s Arts About Town.  Not so much about town, as there just weren’t enough participants to fill out multiple locations, it still turned with great crowds and reasonable sales for all.  By late afternoon vendors were wrapping themselves in the cloths that had been on their tables, as temperatures fell, the wind began to gust and then, right on cue at closing time (and packing time), the sky opened.

Today, the clouds are hanging so low it looks like a black and white photo outside.  Sprinkling giant drops of water now and then.  The outside temperature is 54 degrees at 11:26 a.m.  I actually have a sweater on! It’s a quiet day for rest and rejuvenation.  Grace is asleep at my feet and the heavy cloud cover makes it seem extraordinarily quiet.  Makes me glad the show (Arts About Town) was yesterday!

Guess I won’t be out doing the outside work on the house I need to do.  Hmm. Sounds like an opportunity to paint! 

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