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I love the rain

I know, I’m not a great poster.  I get so involved with life and living, I forget.  Usually it takes something to get my attention to make think “I should post that!” 
So, what snapped my attention today?  Well it started with the first clap of thunder.   A week or two ago we grew weary of the frantic running and barking that signaled the start of monsoon season.  Drugs, even “natural” ones were scary and left us uncomfortable, with our beloved Grace wandering drunk-like and bleary eyed, too tired to bark or eat or anything.  We saw an ad for the Thundershirt and decided to try it.  It came last week.  I was working everyday, so it was left to hubby to try it out.  First cool thing was that he was able to get it on Grace without a battle royal.  Next cool thing was that he said, “It works!”

My first experience with it was today, at the first clap of thunder, I called her from her running bark and she came and stood in front of me, expectantly, like she was asking for the Thundershirt.  I laid it across her back, velcroed the pieces that go across the front, then velcroed the pieces under her and around her chest, then used the flap to snug it, all while she stood patiently while I did it.

Then, she wen to her favorite window at the end of the kitchen, and laid down.  And so, that is where she has been.  When I moved to the chair to write, she followed me, and laid down.  It is raining steadily and the thunder is crashing regularly, but not a sound from her.  Every now and then a low rumble of “grrrrrrrrrr” comes from her…but that’s it.  Hubby went to nap and she followed and they are both now sound asleep.  I love it, love it, love it.  Thank you Thundershirt!

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