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Jumping thru June

Ok, so not exactly.  But when my husband came into the kitchen where I was finishing up the dishes and said, “I have an idea for you…’Jumping through June’ ….since you’ve not posted since ‘Meandering into March.”  “very funny” I smirked.  “you know how hard it is to type with one hand!”  Of course he does, since his hands are so disfigured by R.A.  None-the-less, he was right.  One handed or not, it is way past time to post.  So, here’s the story.  Short version.  I got my right leg tangled in a cable and when i moved forward, it did not go with me, knocking me off balance.  I reached for the couch to catch myself, but the couch slid and I was headed for the brick floor.  The sliding couch had sort of torqued me around and i was falling backward.  Somehow i got my left hand behind my head just before I bounced on the brick,instantly writhing in pain. Broken bones?  no.  Crushed knuckles. Crushed, mangled muscle,tendon and cartilage in the main knuckles of my thumb, index finger, middle finger and ring finger, pinky to a lesser degree.  It happened May 17 or 18..I’m not entirely sure which.  I did mange to get my rings off before my hand grew fat and puffy.  Black, blue, green and yellow.  Now its mostly normal looking, though puffy between the knuckles and between the index finger and the thumb.  Still sore, and weak, though I try hard to keep my fingers moving. Pressure, lifting, twisting or pressing all hurt.  So here I my still handed.  Jumping? Definitely not.

Despite that, life goes on.  newest news is that I am working with the Veterans Healing Retreats that are running in Angel Fire this summer, teaching watercolor as relaxation tool.  It has been fun and incredibly rewarding. Speaking of which, I need to get ready to go.  I’ll try to be more reliable here.  Thanks for hanging with me!

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