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Meandering into March

I can’t believe it’s March and I haven’t posted anything since the new year.  Good grief.  I’ll admit, the new year started off rough, but that is no excuse.  It’s likely more accurate to say I’m easily distracted. Well, maybe not since most people know me as tenacious as a bulldog chasing a rabbit.  Either way, here I am back at it.  Honestly, it’s more like I didn’t think I had anything to say and not being familiar with being at a loss for words, I left it alone.

At any rate, here I am at the gallery, watching the blue sky give way to gray and seeing tiny little flakes float gently to the ground.  I actually wish it would just let go and snow…really snow so all the lovers of Spring skiing will have more fun.  Spring break is not all that far away.  So, let it snow. 

It has been actually a very mild winter…albeit a couple weeks of outrageous cold wrecked the heating budget.  The coldest morning, I looked at the thermometer with shock.  It read “error”.  “Error?”  Turned the battery on the transmitter just couldn’t handle it.  I guess I don’t blame it…I didn’t want to crawl out of bed.  -47.  Good heavens.  It brought back memories of high school and Delta Junction, Alaska.  “No thanks”, I said.  “I’m not going anywhere”.

I have been in the studio in my silence.  A few nice pieces came out in the end.  Here’s a look:


Acrylic (Sold)

Scratch board

At least I was productive!  The next studio time comes on Sunday.  The first thing I’ll do is finish the scratch board roses.  Facebook friends voted to leave them white, so I’ll just add a few blue hues in the shadows and green in the stems and buds. After that I have 4 paintings to do for customers.  So, I’ll be busy for a while! Nothing wrong with that picture!  And, I’ll do my best to get back here before another quarter passes!
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