Archive / June, 2010

Fourth Fridays Return Tomorrow Night

 Wow, I can’t believe how this month has FLOWN by! Here it is already the eve of the first Fourth Friday since last fall. The gallery looks great and all is at the ready. Even though my head is swimming with all that has to be finished for ArtsFest, both from the point of view […]

High Speed Internet: So close and yet so inaccessable

 It’s infuriating. While I enjoy DSL when I’m at the gallery, it’s another experience altogether at home. Try to watch a video or listen to online radio when it starts and stops and starts and stops. Try to upload a full length video to my new site ( and find that 5 hours later it’s […]

Getting Ready for ArtsFest

 I’ve been working hard to replace some of the paintings that I sold (unexpectedly) on Facebook. Tough to decide whether to show them in advance or not, but here’s what I’ve decided to do (with help from hubby, John). I’ll put them up here and on Facebook, for you to see, but they will not […]

Good Grief Time Flies!

 Wow, I sincerely cannot believe it has been more than a month since I last posted. I’ve been painting when at home studio and cleaning up/rearranging the gallery, when I’m here. That’s where I am now. Working on getting all my online stuff up to date. Egad! I forgot I have a MySpace page! and […]