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 I’m jazzed. I’ve had lots of people ask for this so I hope they like what I’ve done. It’s a brand new, hard-bound picture book of my work. 30 pages of bright color, florals, landscapes, pet portraits and still lifes. Here’s a sneak peak: And that’s not all! Introducing two new 2010 Calendars! This one […]


  Angel Fire ArtSpace, 3469 Mountain View Blvd, Suites B2-4 Angel Fire NM

Miracles on Christmas

 Well I’ll be. So, I’m sitting (or was) at the dining room table, eating home made dark (very dark) dark chocolate ice cream. In the back ground was some guy singing, “I’m my own grandpa” when arose a barking from the dog…and before my very eyes, I beheld a trash truck, emptying dumpsters into it’s […]

6 years

 December 16, 2003. In many ways, it is so far away it doesn’t seem like I was there. Yet some months before that, the path was set before me…and Vicki. So much has happened in the life of the gallery, in that time. Artists come, stay, come go and come again and some, come and […]

Living Where the Wind Blows

 Sunday morning. Three cars stuck and retrieved from the road. The County crews plow the road and the wind undoes it, weaving fingers of snow intent on snagging your tires and sucking them in. Sometimes it looks like an eerie scene created by Tolkien. The massive pine branches wave like they’re greeting someone important, almost […]

Brrrrr. Global Warming? Not here!

 Let’s see, roughly 16 inches of snow. 5 foot drifts and it’s 10 degrees and still snowing. Open the door to let the (crazy) dog out and got blasted with snow and in 2 seconds I’m covered and white. The screen door won’t close for all the snow piled on it, under it and around […]


 It’s Sunday. The wind is howling, snow is blowing, I hear a big storm is coming. Good time to stay home. I got creative and worked on my latest commission for a few hours this morning. Then I let the creative continue and followed instructions John found for adding a new touch to the dining […]