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Hello from 32,000 feet!

 Wow. this is kind of fun. Never posted from 32,000 feet before…but there’s a first time for lots of fun things! We’re headed to Dallas and about half way through the flight on American Airlines and online with gogo so wahoo! too bad I don’t have my webcam with me! I’m sitting by myself cuz […]

hey from The City

 New York, New York. What’s this country bumpkin with a City Girl heart doing here? Well, lots. I know it’s been a while since I posted. My head down, my heart heavy, my vision blurry, kept me from posting. Mostly, I was exhausted. Letting all the stuff going on, get to me. It was time […]


 This morning as I was making coffee, emptying the dishwasher and tidying the kitchen, husband says, “You haven’t said a word…are you ok?” I answered “yes. didn’t realize I was being quiet”. After all, there was not a quiet place in me. My heavy heart, still questioning, and many thoughts racing through my head. I […]

A new look at learning

 If you know my husband at all, you know how passionate he is about education. While he has taught adults most of his professional life, when he was on the faculty at university he often lamented at the un-preparedness of students. Maybe that’s why this video caught his eye. When he showed it to me, […]