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Fall approaches, BIG Sale coming

 Well, it’s beyond overdue. I know, I’m not done with the brick laying and painting, not finished cleaning gutters or anything outside. But it’s on to the garage before it’s too late. We started organizing today..backed the car out, got out the broom and vaccuum and set to it. Cleaning the debris last winter left […]

Finished the Next One

 I know it’s not Sunday (my usual day to post) but I told you I’d post a photo of the commission I was working on, when it was done. I just finished it. All that’s left is put a wire on the back for hanging. I also made a video of most of the process, […]

Painting up a storm

 It’s been only a week or two, maybe not that long, but once I got back in my studio this past weekend, I painted like whirlwind. One is finished, one is almost finished. I decided that this year I would paint something for the Music From Angel Fire Benefit Auction. I’ve never done that before, […]

August, must be madness

 It’s my birthday. 08-08. I’ve written this post over and over and over. Long gone are the days when birthdays were exciting. Get up, make the coffee , make the breakfast, feed the dog, go to the gallery, water and care for the plants, sweep the floor, mop the floor, open the new space, hang […]