Archive / June, 2009

Gorgeous Sunday

 It is 76 degrees with a crystal cerulean blue New Mexico Sky. Great day to be outdoors! I must confess my arms are sore though…I weed wacked all the weeds creeping onto the driveway, into the edge of the garden, along side the rasberry patch and around the back “lawn”. We have 7.5 acres of […]

To Donate, or Not

 I know it’s not Sunday (that’s usually when I post) but it is quiet here at the gallery now, and I had a great conversation with Jennifer Cavan which compells me to write. She wrote a great post on “how long does it take?” (to create a piece). And as she says, there is so […]

Grey and Rainy Sunday

 Good day for a day off! Dark skies, howling wind and scattered rain, now soft, now hard, now scattered. I hope it doesn’t damage the beautiful peach colored iris that just opened this morning in my front garden! They are lovely. So it is a good day to stay in. Which is good because we […]

Time to get productive…

 It’s been about two weeks, I think, since the last post. Sorry, guess I’ve just been busy. The brick is still being slowly laid in the great drying out of the room that held the hot tub. Sand is mostly dry now, and the adobes are dry, but the mud in between is still damp, […]