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Tired…where’s that hot tub?

 Well, I guess I’m not ready for it,though my neck, shoulders, back and knees, say otherwise! I did get the brick off of the water soaked sand today. In a way, it was a relief. When I was building the house (15 years ago), it went like this:Months before, we had selected a hot tub […]

The Scratchboard is finished

 Thanks to all of you who took the survey…and so, here are the results: Paint the stems and centers….3 to 1! So that’s what I did, and here it is: I’m calling it “Connections”. To finish off I’ll spray it with a clear archival protectant, then mount it and frame in shadowbox style. It won’t […]

Where should I go now?

 Ok…I finished phase two… One is to create the drawing, transfer it to the board and then scratch out the outline. ok, so maybe that’s three… In that case, I finished step 4. So this is what it looks like…. so…here’s a survey for you. Click Here to take survey Only three questions…so….I’ll post again […]

Scatchboard Takes Time…but it’s Worth It!

 I’ve been working on this one for a while now and progress is steady, but not fast. I did video alot of this and will be putting it on as soon as I get it edited..which is challenging because something is using up my hard drive like mad. Anyway, I showed you the outline […]

Sunday Serenity

 Sitting on the front porch, gazing at the lake as I type. It’s 76 degrees, and the only sound is the birds, the frogs at my neighbors pond and the tinkle of Grace’s collar as she sniffs the ground like she’s never done it before. I’m relaxing as I post, having just returned from Albuquerque […]

Hands in the Soil

 It’s cathartic. I don’t think I ever even got to the garden last year, so when I headed out this afternoon to coax the weeds from the soil, I had forgotten how cathartic it is. There is just something about the sun warming your shoulders, the wind tossing your hair, the damp soil soaking through […]

Water, water, soaking wet

 No, it’s not raining..though it’s dark and grey. It did rain yesterday for 4 or 5 hours…that was lovely. But, alas, after filling the hot tub, after the pump wet end repair, the pipes that were plugged (because they leaked) around the moto-massage, the exposed sand where I had pulled up brick to see underneath, […]

My List: 5 TV Women I Want on My Side!

 Ok, it’s time for some fun. Spring has sprung and I hear a distant giggle. In spite of that, the usual small town murmuring catches my ear and I think I need a burst of strength. In considering that, some TV women came to mind, and why I’d like to have them on my side. […]