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Getting Ready for 4th Friday

 Well, it’s here. After a 4 month hiatus, Fourth Fridays at Angel Fire ArtSpace are returning! Bigger and better, as Carol Rupp of the Rupp Gallery partners with me for a great evening! I’m taking a break from the current commissions I’m working on to get ready and the gallery is looking spic and span […]

Finished the Painting

 I’m breathing again, thanks to Norma and ibuprofen! Anyway, I did finish the church I showed you a few posts back. Just so you don’t have to scroll, here’s how it looked in progress:And, now, it’s done. Notice the deeper, bolder color, shadows and detail. The rock facade by far, took the most time, but […]


 Just what I didn’t need. I woke up in the middle of the night with a sharp pain in my right side. It radiated down my leg and I couldn’t take a deep breath. I got up and stumbled to the bathroom only to remember that I’d put all of the ibuprofen in John’s bag. […]

Starting at ….hmmm, where?

 I’m tired, but my brain is spinning so I guess I should post. Maybe it will give me some clarity. J and I went to Albuquerque yesterday, so he could fly away this morning, and so he did. I then went about my list, and number one was a visit to his mom. She’s great […]

Bail Out Blinders

 I have my bail out blinders on. Can’t stand to listen to the news anymore. Spend, spend, spend and benefit a few, but not any of us who do the right thing, fight like hell to pay the mortgage on time, borrow from peter to pay paul every day of the month, struggling to keep […]

Superbowl Sunday thoughts

 A last minute once over clean up ensued first thing this morning, since we decided about 12 hours earlier to host a game party. We’ve never been big football fans, but as we were watching a recorded NCIS on the 80 inch projection screen, we said, “hmmm….” So, phone calls made and friends coming over, […]