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Painting in Progress

  Ok, so I thought since I talked about the piece I’m working on, I would show you the current status. so, here’s a pic. The angle is a little wierd because I took it with my webcam, but you can get the idea. And they are, as a result of the webcam..reversed, so that’s […]

Quiet Saturday

 It’s Saturday and lovely, though cool outside. I guess everyone is out on the mountain enjoying the fresh powder, cuz they certainly aren’t here! The up side of that is that I’ve been working hard on my next commissioned piece..and recording it. It will be a long video, so I’ll likely release a small segment […]

What is it about January?

 Hmmm. I’m stuck. Advice please. Most of the time, I’m an endless stream of passion to paint, dreaming of the next painting, and the next and the next. Moved to moodiness and, my husband would say, grumpiness, if i can’t pick up the brush. Then comes January. Stymied, but not sullen. Optimistic in the midst […]

Georgeous here!

 wow. January and the temp is 41. May be cold to you…but it’s regular heat wave! Hoping for more snow as the warm temps have been slowly eroding the pack we had…but the Resort is working hard to keep it great for the skiers! Not being a skier myself, I rely on what my friends […]

Bright and Glorious? I hope so

 All eyes are on Washington, D.C. where our 44th President is about to take office. You can’t turn on the television, the radio or pick up a newspaper and not know it. There is hope tangible in the air. I must admit, that I feel the buzz even when I’m trying hard to paint. (what […]

Thank God 2008 is gone..high hopes for 2009!

 In thinking back over the past year, my high point was my low point. The struggle to decide to move my gallery was the 800 pound gorrilla in my life. In the interlude, while we were in Mexico (how gloriously providential that it was provided and paid for well in advance) was also both. Coming […]