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bright, clear and cold!

 What a difference a day makes. Yesterday’s bluster and bucking bronco like drive up the county road (THAT was an experience!) have given way to bright sun and a temperature of 18. Hurrah for the County Road team who was out early this morning…and yes, on a Sunday! Twice yesterday I was stuck on the […]

Nothing Else to Do but Ponder and Post

 I know, it’s a record. I’ve never posted this much in one day, let alone one week! I can’t help it. Look: Remember, there is a lake and mountains normally in this view from my living room window. What else am I gonna do, but post…..laundry? uh-huh. no energy for THAT! Cleaning? Not likely. I […]

Got out, White Out, back in.

 Wow. What a nightmare! I loaded up and left here at 1pm. It is now 1:44 and I am back home. I got to the road and by the time I’d gotten past the blue dumpsters I knew it was a mistake. By that time there was nowhere to turn around, the plows having left […]


 Woops. Ok, so yes, it’s been snowing and blowing since yesterday morning. I walked out this morning and saw only 4 or 5 new inches, so I loaded up the car and backed out. Ok so far. I pulled around and headed toward the road, in low gear, all wheel drive and slow. As I […]

My how the Snow is flying!

 I’m at the gallery right now. It’s 3:34 and I’ve been here for an hour. The snow has literally been flying, for hours, nay, days. There is so much snow in my front yard (a combination of accumulation, roof slide and where it is blown and pushed from the driveway clearing) that we can’t see […]

White Out

 I’m largely settled in, in the new gallery. I love it…love the energy…it feels warm and elegant. I’d like to think I’m done, though there are still about 30 boxes of miscellanea upstairs awaiting my attention. I was going to do that today but was told to “go home” by the powers that be and […]

Winter storms and contemplations

 Good grief. The photo at the top is what it looked like out the living room window last evening. The skies had cleared to a crisp cold 5 degrees and we were huddled by the fire. Sometime in the middle of the night the storm swirled back down….and this is what it looks like now….. […]

Home for sure and brrrrrr!

 23 degrees and snowing. Yup, tis’ looking like Christmas. Indeed, we drove home in snow with John leaning out the window to tell me where the edge of the road was! Believe me, it was tempting to put it in reverse and get back on that airplane! We’ve been home for a couple of weeks […]