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Time to go, but not quite….

 Alas, the bags are (mostly) packed and sooner than we like the sun will set on our final day here. We’ve just returned from our extravagant finale’…lunch at El Colera and John is zonked out and I can’t paint (all packed up, no time to dry) so I’m typing. Wow. We ate in, for the […]

My newest paintings

 Well, I finally got it done. Those layers and layers I wrote about a few days ago. I lost count of how many hours I worked on it, and to be honest there is a little bit left to do, but I will likely not get it done before we head home. Since it needs […]

Day Trips, New Friends and a Dash of Wonder

 The past few days have been a whirlwind! Much to tell…so, hmmm, how to tell it? First, there was the really cool discovery of the benefit of Google Alerts! In my last post I said we were going to El Tuito…the trip postponed from Tuesday would now be on Friday. I wrote that on Wednesday, […]

El Tuito postponed, Painting, Painting Painting!

 Well, I know I said to check today for the El Tuito video…but we ended up postponing till Friday due to a National Holiday. No sense going when every thing is closed! So, in the end it was ok, cuz I painted ALL DAY! Yeeeeeehaaa! Still more to go there…still working on that hibiscus. It’s […]

What have I begun?!

 I told you I’d keep you posted here. I started a new piece today.. a large one than I typically do. I’m not even sure how big it is, since i just unrolled the canvas and started painting. I think it’s probably about 16 inches wide and maybe 24 or even 30 high. I’m very […]

painting in paradise!

 ok, so it took me two weeks and the stress is finally beginning to melt a way. A painting (commissioned one) that I started the day after I arrived is finally ready to go (no pic here as I need to add more once it’s stretched) , a second done, (Here, “Field of Dreams”, w/c […]

Walking fortifies the Soul (and legs!)

 Wow. Guess I gotta take a camera next time I go out. It’s tough to describe the hill we’re on without looking up from the bottom. I tried looking down and it just doesn’t work. All you see is cobble stones and there’s no way to tell which way is up. Actually, it’s two hills. […]


 I know. It’s been weeks since the last post. Weeks, and what seems a lifetime. Lets see if I can summarize. It was the waning weeks of September when I finally pulled myself up to make the decision that had been hanging around my neck for months. I wrote a letter (that wound up as […]