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Painting on a wet, grey chilly afternoon

 Well, it’s not Sunday, but close enough and I need to let my painting dry. May take a while since its watercolor on canvas and its’ pouring a cold rain outside. Relaxing though. Actually, just cold enough to make long for the encaustic again. There’s really just something about that hot, brightly colored wax that […]

Sunday, October 5 and Reflecting (

 Wow. Can’t believe it’s Sunday already…and already October 5th. I’m shaking my head, can you see it? I lean back, head against the chair. Partly exhausted, partly refreshed. I just laid my brush down. Drying time required. My eyelids are heavy..from lack of sleep and intense activity. The conference was good…part of me regretting that […]

UNESCO Santa Fe International Conference on Creative Tourism

 Well, I said I’d try to post…so here it is. It’s been so very busy and for me, just a tad chaotic, but here is the overview so far. (One more day to go) First, Grace. Yes, my beloved dog. Poor thing. I stayed with her all day the day of arrival, walking with her, […]