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here I am in Santa Fe

 It’s Sunday afternoon. My normal “post now if you haven’t all week” day. I’m posting with my dog Grace at my feet, hoping she’ll calm down. Finally her ears are drooping and peaked, listening to all the sounds of the city. She is so not used to that. This is a grand experiment with her. […]

Schefren’s New Launch…48 hours and counting down!

 Be sure to read my post “Rich Schefren (My Mentor) Does It Again!” just below. I’ve gone through the new report three times now and every time it blows me away again. Let’s see, is it Constraint #3? or #4? or#7? Which is stumbling me the most? Or is it all of the above? Good […]

The Printer!

 OOps, forgot to tell you who the printer was….please visit them! Angel Fire ArtSpace, 3469 Mountain View Blvd, Suites B2-4 Angel Fire NM

Don’t Use DHL!!!!!!!!

 I’m so furious I could explode. Fedex showed up today, as requested to pick up a package. UPS visits me, wanting my business. DHL? Here’s the story. I created some post cards. I ordered rush printing, they did. I ordered 2 day shipping. They did too…but the shipper was DHL. The package left the printer […]

Rich Schefren (My Mentor) Does it AGAIN!

 Wow. I can’t believe he pulled off 25 hours of live streaming video, answering questions from people around the globe. I’m so privileged to be one of his students. I’ve already learned so much, and made so much progress with Rich’s guidance and input, but this new report he released (“The Uncertainty Syndrome: Entrepreneurial Emergency”) […]

learning web 2.0

 It’s been an uphill learning curve. Being quiet on all things personal while standing willingly on stage for all things art, this web 2.0 thing has had me flummoxed. “Is it safe?” I asked myself. I guess, at the ripe old age (that I am now) I’m more concerned with learning, growing and finding out […]

Fall in New Mexico

 I had to drive to the city retrieve my husband from the airport. A typical day of dashing from store to store to “stock up”…winter is coming, you know. No, I’m not living outside the moment, exactly. When you live at 8500 feet, 45 minutes away from most everywhere, planning is a part of […]

painting, videos and stuff

 Things have slowed to a crawl here in Angel Fire, and dismay with the local newspaper notwithstanding I’ve been in painting bliss. Free speech had nothing to do with it. That they printed a blatant attack on the character of our Mayor, our new CEO of the EDO, and the hard working volunteers that are […]