Archive / July, 2008

Painted Violins…it’s almost time!

 Oh, Joy! One by one, they are popping up at www.musicfromangelfire.orgSome are utterly beautiful, some are downright silly. You can see mine here. For more on the painting of the violin, simply scroll down this page to “Painting the Violin” and read about it. The online auction will open on August 14. Then the high […]

Ahh, Beautiful Sunday Morning

 I’m sitting on my front porch, the sunshine glistening on Eagle Nest Lake, and the Red Tailed Hawk hanging effortlessly in the air as if suspended on invisible wires. It is 77 degrees and it just doesn’t get much better than this! The dog, Grace is sniffing the trails of last nights visitors and the […]

Mike Filsaime Restored My Faith

 I had a sinking feeling. I’d been carrying this weight around on my shoulders for a couple of months. Without going into the long and boring details, I needed relief, and help to sort through the myriads of busy things I was running to, hither thither and thon. Rich Schefren would say it was an […]

Fingers Crossed and on My Knees

 OMG! What an endless parade of tragedies large and small have plagued the opening of both the Mountain Theatre And the Angel Fire ArtsFest! From Salmonella and Cancer to “just can’t pull it together”, it is a wonder we’re pulling it off! Thank you Jacqui…and John (my John) for stepping in at the last minute. […]