Archive / May, 2008

Beautiful Angel Fire Day

 It’s Saturday afternoon. The sun is shining in a manganese blue sky. I am at ArtSpace TOO! at the base of Angel Fire Resort Ski Mountain and Jacqui is gallery-sitting the main gallery. There is only one missing ingredient……people! I’m sitting with my laptop in my lap and a pina collada slushy on my left. […]

Harumph. Cogs in the Wheel of Economic Development

 Good grief. It’s nearly halfway through 2008. One would think that cell service and access to it, reliably, should be a no-brainer…only a complex plate of choice. Alas, not so. I learned today that my provider for the past year or so will terminate our accounts as of this time next month. Why? Late payments? […]

Memorial Weekend and Memories

 Here it is Saturday, May 24th. Memorial Weekend is well underway. Based on traffic in my gallery it appears that rising gas prices have not diswayed everyone from traveling…Thank God! A quiet spell has come to the gallery, and I decided to post. This Memorial Weekend, I’m remembering my Dad. He passed away in March […]

Beautiful Day of Rest

 In the chaos that has been my life recently, now I am quietly enjoying my only day off in the next 8. Tomorrow I begin the big move to the new “Angel Fire ArtSpace Too”. What? Gee, did I not mention this? Of course I didn’t. It was all a big Secret…but the word is […]

Is it me? Or is the world spinning faster?

 Wow. Can hardly believe it’s been two weeks (or something like that) since my last post. Let’s see if I can recount what’s kept me so busy I couldn’t find time (or energy) to post. Hmm. Last Sunday (one week ago) I was notified by Texas Tech that they would be unable to bring Summer […]