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Having fun

 I know it’s been a few days since I was here. Had to be out of town for a couple days and then there is always the catch up from that. Got back on Thursday afternoon just in time for a Chamber Board Meeting and then spent Friday preparing for my Fourth Friday Reception. Whee! […]

Introducing Danny Stewart’s Jewelry

 I told you, I’m having crazy fun with this! Here is #2: So, yes, I fully intend to do this for each of the artists in my gallery. And keep in mind, that is something that changes regularly, so this could go for a long time. This week, as an example, one artist left, and […]

Getting the hang of Video

 Finally got it! New Handicam is here and I can’t stop playing with it! So this one’s for you Roy Brown! There will be a new one tomorrow! And then 29 more after that, not quite daily (I’m taking Easter off!) But I’m having so much fun it’s hard to stop! Have to say, Thank […]

Pondering the "Zone"

 Did you ever say “I can’t draw a straight line”? Or, perhaps, “I don’t have an artistic bone in my body”? I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard that in my gallery. Usually, I say, “If we were all artists, then who would collect our work?” The truth is, at one level or […]

Egad how time flies!

 I can’t believe it. Here I was trying to post everyday. Life happens I guess, no matter how we determine what we intend to do. It seems to me that it takes incredible determination and energy to actually get done what I intend to. Maybe it’s that “run in with the power of synchronicity while […]

Cool new tools

 Hey, Fun and cool stuff. Check out these cool new tools! This is an awesome tool. If that doesn’t do it for you see this: Looks like the perfect thing to solve the “what file did I put that in? Where did I put those business cards? What was that URL? I can […]

Break in the Weather, Unlocked the Painter’s Block

 Ahh, that the word? -12 yesterday morning as I drove to the gallery, the new 12-15″ of pristine white snow as yet untouched, except for the elk track and the piles created by the snow plows. Beautiful scarcely says it…whether it makes up for the yet ongoing freezing winter is yet to be seen. […]

Snow, Snow and More Snow

 Oh, gotta get that video camera. It is snowing, again. Or is it still? It is getting so deep on the north side of my house it’s more than about 5 feet. I can’t see out the window unless I lift the shade all the way! And I’m walking with a smile none-the-less. I don’t […]

Brain Dazzling Conference with Rich Schefren & Jay Abraham

 Wow. Believe me, that (Wow) is an understatement. If you get my newsletter you know I actually canceled the February Fourth Friday so I could head to Orlando for the “Live” Dream Team New Beginnings Conference from Strategic Profits. First, the conference packed in the value experience for participants. The “Dream Team”: Rich Schefren, Jay […]