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A Gallery Owner’s Guide to Framing: Why it’s framed…or Why not?

 I wrote this for my newsletter and it got alot of attention…so it is for you: We’ve all been there. We find a great little piece and think “I love it, but I don’t love the frame.” The Gallery owner may say, “No Problem..I’ll take it out” or…No Can Do.” Why? What’s the difference and […]

going, going. and she’s out’a here!

 Oh,WOW! I simply can’t wrap my right-sided brain around it! I’m headed for the conference and opportunity of the decade (at least). I’m headed to sunny Florida to the back to back conference with Rich Schefren and others. I’m headed to LIVE! conference the end of this month. My mind is boggling at the fabulous […]

What about New Mexico

 Four times I tried to post on Fox News site. Four times ignored. here’s the last one: Britt Hume, How Dare You!!???? You just smirked that you’d called all the races but Alaska. WHAT ABOUT NEW MEXICO? I’ve tried 4 times now to post here. NEW MEXICO gets LEFT OUT!ENOUGH ALREADY. It’s real clear politics. […]

Super Tuesday thoughts

 So, it’s “Super Tuesday”. Nothing on but the returns and don’t feel like ‘Mash’ tonight. Guess I’ll say what I think. I’m registered Republican and Libertarian at heart. I’d love to see a push in the Republican party to do away with ‘winner take all’ primary states. It’s no longer fair. Particularly for little delegate […]