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Ready, set……

 I know its been a while since I last posted….lets just say I’ve been otherwise occupied. It suddenly reached panic stage in my head that ArtsFest is just around the corner…and I had little or no new work. Working under a deadline seems to motivate me best….so now, I’m up to 10 and more in […]

Transition in process and back online

 Ok, so I’m virtually challenged, but doggedly determined. Despite previous prognostications (based on what Dell told me) I am writing this from the new Vista machine. One more upgrade left to purchase (Norton Ghost) and I’ll be almost fully restored (sans the Office that I’m waiting on) to pre disaster levels. Vista has its quirks, […]

 It’s official, Spring has sprung. To be sure, the aspen have sprouted their gloriously green leaves, adding light in the midst of the dark green of the pine forest covering the mountains. Another bright, sunny day….four or five in a row now. Not a cloud in the sky (at least till later today!). I’ve been […]